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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Welcome To Civilian Patriot



Welcome To Civilian Patriot Welcome to our new site for 2014 Join Us at Facebook & Twitter



We are a American citizens who believe that the constitution was created for a reason, and not just as a suggestion.  We talk and debate about current events that affect us all.  We  are for personal freedom, religion, choice, and speech.  Unfortunately, we need to be the stewards of these freedoms to assure that these freedoms are not encroached upon, by our federal government, police, public school or state agency.

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Freedom is not free.  From the Revolutionary War to the Iraq War, U.S citizens have died, so the idea and hope of continued freedom will continue long after they have given the ultimate sacrifice.  We all remember the generals and officers, but those who were ordered to use their body a weapon of war along with their brothers in arms will most likely never be known.   They did it so you can be free to protest against them,  while torching the American Flag with gasoline and pissing on it to extinguish the flames.  They may never know you, and you may never know them. That doesn’t matter, as their sacrifice is for all of us. We respect the office of the President of the United States.  However, the respect of the person who holds it will be questioned if respect for our rights are infringed and revoked.  Unless the President reveals himself as GOD, we will not be in fear of him and any agency under his command, or any lobbyist who is in command of him.

Please join us as a contributor and create your own articles that the world will soon see and debate.  We are currently seeking Firearm experts, Veterans, Historians, Innovative People Writers, Opinion Columnists and more…  Join and began writing under the Civilian Patriot Site.

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 (FYI This sites articles and design will be evolving over the next year.  What won’t be changing is common sense, personal responsibility and love of county.  This is a new venture..please join and be patient.  Thank you)

This week in the news: Last Week Of July

Obama Kansas City

In a speech at Kansas City today that sounded a lot like all the other speeches he has given over the past 6 years, (like he is still campaigning) President Obama starts to put everyone to sleep.  After all the high fives, hip mid-western jive talk, and you’re so cool dreams in the first 10 minutes,  eyes were wondering away from the back of his head.  Away from the smell of the cheap cologne and the grey to perhaps realizing they are on TV forever, and those who did vote for him, have now realized they have heard the same lies before.  However, like a bad relationship they all come back for more.  YAH!


FlashBack 2008  Barack Obama our Hope and His Change

MICHELLE OBAMA: “Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.”

If the majority of Americas actually did some research, perhaps we would all be in a better place.  Also see:

The Most Famous Obama Critic


Supreme Court Hobby Lobby Decision: Closely held corporations cannot be required to provide contraception coverage.

The country of Iraq that thousands of US soldiers died fighting in has its days numbered before splintered ISIS group born from Al-Qaeda completely takes over the country. President Obama in his rush to (and ahead of schedule as he boasted) to remove all troops, even at the protest of military generals to leave as few thousand troops, has helped to hand over the country to terrorists.It took only about 2 years. It seems that to Obamas surprise, that having a Muslim name and heritage has not been an advantage. What the terrorist see is someone who won’t pull the trigger and exterminate them at any cost! Now that Al-Qaeda groups now have a few billions in cash from Iraqi banks and as of today an oil refinery at Baiji they can walk the talk. ISIS does not consider President Obama a threat or even cool. Like those Americans who voted him in for hope and change, and his smile, ISIS and Al-Qaeda considers him their hope and change also. They love his smile and golf game as the Middle East continues to burn and more heads get lopped off!

———–  While Obama is doing nothing to get Andrew Tahmooressi out of a Mexican Jail, the VFW has called for a US wide boycott of all Mexican products.   Which begs for the question – What products?  The only product that I am aware of are, bad soap operas, fleeing people and recently thousands of parent less children.  Which brings up another question.  If the border is so secure how can thousands of Mexican children get across?

———–  In a 9-0 vote the Supreme Court has ruled that police now need a warrant if they are to search through your cell phone.  As we know the phone contains private secure data, equal to a diary tucked away in your clothes drawer or safe.  More on this in a future post.

Breaking Stories:

Supreme Court Hobby Lobby Decision: Closely held corporations cannot be required to provide contraception coverage. http://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/13pdf/13-354_olp1.pdf

Apartment complex says U.S. flag a ‘threat to Muslims

Ahmed Abu Khattala Benghazi Mastermine – We attacked because of Video. Afghanistan war vet Mark Allen paralyzed unable to speak after risking his life to save ‘deserter’ Bowe Bergdahl Gilford NH Police arrest citizen for being to passionate at school meeting re: His child’s assigned reading material- Book. This week our view on the arrest and why you should be very worried. Coming Soon:

  • Bashing the limp wrist French?  Remember… without the French would we have won the Revolutionary War?  Probably not.
  • We need  individual responsibility control, not gun or knife control.
  • Obama again just heard about it …. In the News.
  • What do people relish more, The 1st Amendment or those who say they believe in the first Amendment then use it to pubically destroy lives?

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