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Thursday, June 20, 2019



As Ronald Reagan once said, “I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.” You can’t argue with that quote. I was born and put up for adoption. I feel that adoption is a valuable alternative for all involved. I have since found and started a very healthy relationship with my birth

Gun Ownership Is a Hobby, Not a Right -Debunked

Gun Ownership Is a Hobby, Not a Right. This author needs a reality check down there in the land of the kangaroo. “…the supply will dry up even for criminals.” You have got to be kidding? The booze dried up too during prohibition. This idea will assure only criminals (black market) and the government will

Valerie Jarret Sees Everything You Do Online

Valerie Jarret President Obama’s brain delivered the commencement speech at Pomona College for the 2014 graduating class. One thing that stuck out was the few sentences that she spoke about internet privacy. Was it a joke or just what the administration believes. She seemed to have no hesitation in delivering the message. Make it sound

Gilford NH Parent Arrested For Parenting Over 19 Minutes Book!

Gilford NH School Board Meeting Location: Gilford NH High School. When parents showed up at a scheduled Gilford School Board Meeting to voice their concerns about the book 19 Minutes issued to 9th graders without the parents knowledge the board had one parent arrested.  I’d like to interject the fact that to go on a field

Check Your Receipt with Walmart Greeter…Or Else

By Civilian Patriot Writer, Shawn Gillis Posted  May 14, 2014 © 2014 CivilianPatriot.com   So, ever shop at Walmart and after waiting in the checkout line they want you to wait in another line to have your receipt checked?  Sure you have.  Today it stops. You are under no contractual obligation, unlike club stores, to stop at the

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