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Thursday, June 20, 2019

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Civilian Patriot defined is one who believes in the constitution, and not in the person who tries to twists the constitutional document to suppress the people’s……..thoughts, way of life, and religious beliefs. 

Please Join Civilian Patriot. Write your own article and show you are someone to be reckoned with! If you love your country you need to be heard!


D Day Flag. Current owner: The Blaze News & Radio. GlennBeck

We seek educated individuals who are not afraid to hold those who we vote  in office accountable.  This is a new venture to claim back our God given rights, that the U.S. Constitution affords to us.  Those rights must never be trampled on by mortals.   Are you a Civilian Patriot?   Join as a contributor of articles and essays.  If you are in North Carolina please join us at upcoming Summer events.

What we are not: poll fixers, race haters, women haters or war mongers.  Who we are: common sense practitioners , people of personal responsibility, and lovers of life!

If you are interested please join as a article contributor.  Create your own Civilian Patriot article and once approved you will be on your way to voicing your opinion under the Civilian Patriot Site.  JOIN HERE!

Live Free, Period….Be a Civilian Patriot!



Join here:  Join Civilian Patriot.


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