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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Transgender: A Dad’s Perspective Toastmaster Speech 2016

This was a speech I delivered in front of my Toastmasters group in Clayton, NC a few months ago.  It’s only speech notes, but I feel it’s important to deliver the message of Transgender youth in any format possible. With that said, it does not cover or explain in detail, as I did in the actual speech. The speech was more detailed in it’s reasoning. It’s how I feel having a transgender child and yes being transgender is real. It’s not a political thing. Republicans have transgender kids too. (((Surprise)))  If you have any questions feel free to contact me via facebook or twitter.  May God bless all his creations!


A transgender journey through the eyes of a father.  “Becoming Jack”  <Start>


What does transgender mean?

Transgender is an umbrella term for people whose gender identity vary from what is typically associated with the sex they were assigned at birth.   

Even though your body is female your brain is male and visa versa.  But HOW?

We all start out in the womb as female, until testosterone is released, changing the female fetus to male.  

Females have XX Chromosomes

Orders No testosterone.  Becomes trans when the hormone is released (ANYWAY) in a unexpected or large quantity.  A female body still develops, but the brain identifies as male as it is washed by the testosterone.

Males have XY Chromosomes

Male is XY chromosomes Orders Testosterone.  Becoming trans when not enough or none of the hormone is released.  A male body still develops due to being XY, but the brains gender still identifies as female since the brain was never washed by testosterone.  


Incorrect hormone delivery is enough to cause gender Gender dysphoria the diagnosis of transgender individuals.

The assigned sex and gender (Body) do not match the person’s gender identity (The gender one knows they are), and the person is transgender.

Transgender people have been around since the beginning of time.  Changes to the fetus in the womb that relate to the amount of hormones being released, or not being released is a normal part of nature. However most culture only recognize the male and female sexual identity

As medical science learns more about the human condition, as a people we are learning to see others for who they really are and not what we want them to be.

Not everyone shares this idea of acceptance.  Hate due to ignorance, or unwavering values leave a transgender person shunned in some circles.  

  • Suicide attempts are very high among transgender individuals.  41% try to kill themselves at some point in their lives, compared with 4.6% of the general public.***

***American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Williams Institute,

Supportive family and friends are a must for those in transition.

As a parent of a transgender child I had a lot to learn, what I didn’t have to learn was how to accept it.  From the time my child could communicate, he was teaching us what it was like growing up physically as a female with a male brain.  He was becoming Jack!

If I were speak to my son through a diary timeline it would read as follows:

Dear Jack,

The day you were born was a very happy day for your mother and I.  I wanted a little girl and you did not disappoint.  We named you Holly.

Age 4-5

  • We learned you hated dresses and pony tails and hair clips made you cry.
  • Frogs and mud and art made you smile.  

Barbie dolls kept coming and coming from everybody, but they just kept getting stockpiled in the corner with your hair clips and dresses.

Age 10

  • We were convinced you were a Tomboy.
  • Girl Scouts was a dismal failure for the most part, as your complaint was they didn’t do enough boy stuff.
  • The day I saw you play GTA with your older brother was amusing.  Not only did you steal a car, but you also put the beat down on the driver of that car.  Not so lady like.  


Age 15

  • You were struggling with your own identity more than any other time.  
  • The clothes you were wearing, your hair, just was not fitting.
  • You always shopped in the male section for clothes never the female.


Age 16  THE NOTE

You came to us that day with a note after days of sadness and staying home from school.  Your mother and I read it on the couch and said nothing as we already knew.  You wanted to be called Jack.  (The same name as our dog)

  • Cool so you want pizza for supper?  You knew we supported you. It was about time we thought.
  • Then your world opened up and you opened up and became the happiest guy in the world.


After a few years of Dr Visits and counseling they determine a DX of Gender dysphoria.  

Age 17.5

Your testosterone shots have begun!

Age 18

  • With 6 months of elevated testosterone in your body you are becoming who you were born to be.  
  • You have never been happier and confident then you are today.  We are proud of you as you embark on a sexual identity that most in society do not recognize, but has been around almost as long as the dinosaurs.  

The journey continues.  Carry on son!


Being trans is not a choice nor is it a recent occurrence.  It’s amazing how much power and influence our brain have over our reality. Sexual Identity is much more than your physical being. For trans people it’s a journey from the gray area of life to a more Black or White. They know who they are and have already defined their sexual identity.  It’s others who have not come to terms with it.

For my son, becoming Jack was a 18 year process,  I may have lost a daughter, but I have gained a son.  So when people ask if I have a son or daughter I just say YES………………A Son.  ——-   Yes a son.

To learn about what being Transgender is please ask me as a direct message at Twitter @civilianpat, or go to http://www.transequality.org/issues/resources/frequently-asked-questions-about-transgender-people

————–   Shawn Gearin  Toastmaster Vice President Membership Clayton, NC ————-

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