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Friday, December 4, 2020

JFK Assasination Solved

Over the years like many of us I have watched many JFK assassination documentaries only to realize that there is still something missing to the puzzle.

John_F._Kennedy_motorcade,_Dallas Public Domain Image.

Victor Hugo King’s photograph of the John F. Kennedy motorcade, Dallas, Texas, Nov. 22, 1963.

There are some crimes we should close the door on.  If you have any doubt that the government could cover up a mistake by one of their own then you only have to look at the past 6 years.  To deceive the public over social programs just to keep the status quo going is nothing compared to shooting your own president in error.   I believe Secret Service Agent George Hickey shot President John F. Kennedy while retrieving his AR-15 Rifle from the floor of the convertible he was a passenger in when the first shot from Lee Havey Oswald rang out.  While reaching down for the rifle he simultaneously took the safety off and as the rifle came up with his finger on the trigger he fell back.  He fell back due to the car accelerating forward or simply because it’s difficult to stand up in a moving car while someone is shooting at you.  I also believe it was an accident.  So all the years when the government told us that they did not murder or assassinate the president they were telling the truth.  Though it’s a play in words.   The ballistics, the actions of the secret service, and the not calling of many witnesses also closed the deal for me.

This ground-breaking, feature documentary reveals what really happened that day: that there was a 2nd shooter, who fired accidentally and who was really responsible for the kill shot to President Kennedy – and subsequently one of the greatest cover-ups in American history.





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Like police the secret service protects their own.  By protecting their own, they protect their agency and brand, even at a cost of the truth.  For the Government it’s ok that a few know the truth.  They have no real interest in the truth ever rolling off the lips of a government spokesman.  Watch the movie or go to the movie’s well done web site.  Let me know what you believe.  Like me, will this be your AAH moment?

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