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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Haters Of The Word Patriot!

Since we started our site,  it didn’t take long to attract the typical hate monger of any site that contains the word Patriot.  We received an email that shows how ignorant some of the voter base is.  When you are unable too debate issues you name call and sling verbal hate all over the internet.   We call and president and politician on anything anti-constitutional.  Also, the economy is still very weak since 2007.  I am not moving to North Dakota…sorry.




Proof of hate towards the word Patriot!

Received Email: June 10, 2014

“Ya’ll are a bunch of White Supremacists / White Nationalist HATE group that should do us all a favor and CrAwL back under the slimy rocks from where you came!
You support presidents (like Bush) who violate the constitution, yet you say nothing because he speaks in your RACIST language.  The earth should be purged of Nazi MOTHER FUCKERS like you!
Your brothers and sisters are seen LYING 24/7 on Fox News.
Goodbye Assholes”
Your site is GARBAGE.  Nobody died for Freedom in Iraq.  They died to protect the wealth of multi-national Oil companies.
You are a F O O L projecting bullshit just like Fox News who you promote on your site.
You are NO Patriot.  You are SCUM.
(Of course there is no name attached to the hate towards us)
Our Response: 

Seriously?  We are going to use your response on our site to show the hate thrust-ed toward any site that contains Patriot.  Thanks for the proof!  No need to respond as all email will be auto deleted.   I’m not sure sure where your anger is coming from, but you need help.  

He responded with more hate and a response I can’t print.  I thanked him for his “open debate.”  I ended the email conversation and said any additional comments can be directed to us in the form of comments or in social media.
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