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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Illegal Border Crossing Obama’s Children Cost Taxpayers A Billion

Over the past 12 months there has bee a flood of Mexican and Central American children crossing over the Mexican/US border.  The Obama Administration was aware of this in 2012, but has done nothing to date to stop the wave.  Now an invasion of preschoolers up to middle school have overwhelmed the states of Texas and Arizona.

If children can cross it, it’s not secure…Obamastein!

Juan Osuna, director of the Executive Office of Immigration Review at the Department of Justice, told a Senate committee that about 46 percent of all children, accompanied and unaccompanied, apprehended by authorities fail to show up for hearings before immigration judges.

Osuna indicated that even kids who obey the law face lengthy waits inside the United States because immigration courts are overloaded with 375,000 cases, a record.  Texas schools are spending $8,400 per student in the 2014 school year, well under the national average of $11,455.

So, what is the cost to the United States if President Obama decides to try to assimilate them into the American society. Lets do some very simple math. They will probably get some sort of support. Most likely the family caring for the child will get a check. The cost per pupil to attend a elementary or middle school is approximately $8400 per year per pupil + welfare $600. So $9000

The number of unaccompanied kids caught since October is 57,000, which is more than double the number last year. So 28,500 for 2013. 57000 + 28,500 = 85,500. With this math a child per year is $769,500,000 to the American tax payer.  The cost is coming close to a billion a year, every year. President obama has asked for 3.7 Billion dollars to support and process these new 2014 illegal child entery cases.  This money will not go towards a fix, but rather a patch for a problem that the Obama administration has allowed to fester on the American public for 6 years.  If Obama decided to keep 1/2 of the overloaded cases in the states  then the math would be 187,500.  So 187,500 x 9000 = 1,687,500,000.  That is 1 billion six hundred eighty seven million, five hundred thousand.  This will probably be per year.

The United States of America can not afford to take care of other country’s kids.  Trust me when I say the state or federal government has no reason to have a baby sitters certificate.  Life sucks for some, but it would not be half as bad if the US government didn’t advertise an unsecured border to all Central Americans.  The definition of a secure border is it’s secure!  If children can cross it, it’s not secure…Obamastein!


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