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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Illegals Will Never Have US Citizens Full Respect – Opinion

The only time I’m seeking illegals is when I need the lead paint scraped from my house, my 12/12 pitch roof shingled, the asbestos removed from my attic, a good taco, house keepers I won’t hire, because I feel I should name the price (that’s the price of being illegal), a cheap Paul Williams lookalike, or a moat dug around my house. Currently, I don’t need any of the previous items, except the taco.

So, who are the compassionate ones? Those who seek to exploit illegals, by letting them in illegally to do Paul Williams impersonations, work under the table in dangerous chemical laden extra low paying jobs for those US citizens who will never respect them. Or those US citizens demanding legal immigration reform and the fence secured, so they can enter legally and live with a bit more dignity and respect as a complete family unit in the states?  They way it is now the US Government would rather keep the Mexican illegal immigrant living as a third world criminal in one of the riches country in the world.  It’s been like this for over 40 years, and it doesn’t seem to be any Hope & Change on the way for the South of the border immigrant or the US citizen to finally mesh as one.

Legal Immigration > Third door on the left! 

Illegal Immigration > Talk to the coyotes they are waiting…



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