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Friday, December 4, 2020

Another Thought – No Conviction Necessary

No Conviction Necessary…

For those who have been caught in a legal net with legs or without, you are now broke either way!

Government whether federal or local can make a criminal out of anybody. ¬†The¬†judicial process¬†is the punishment. ¬†They are on the clock, you however have a family and a job to go to while being investigated. ¬†If you manage to get a lawyer you will go bankrupt paying for their services no matter how small the offense. ¬†The government may know they will never get a conviction on you, but your penalty and punishment will be the investigative¬†process¬†they will put you under. ¬†In the end your reputation, wallet, and your family‚Äôs current way of life will be crushed. ¬†By who? ¬†Over powered humans who couldn’t give two shits about you! ¬†¬†It’s a tactic that if they want you, then they will start by financially crushing you regardless of who else it will affect. ¬†So while you as an illegal can break into this country with no consequence, small town police all the way up to the federal government will crush you just with the process ‚Äď No conviction necessary!¬† Any questions?


***This post is dedicated to an old friend who ended his life after being introduced to the legal process.  You are truly broke and jobless regardless of innocence.  Sometime the process will kill you as it did to my friend.  We are all responsible for our own actions.  Sometimes we are not as strong as we think we are.

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