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Sunday, January 24, 2021


As Ronald Reagan once said, “I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.” You can’t argue with that quote. I was born and put up for adoption. I feel that adoption is a valuable alternative for all involved. I have since found and started a very healthy relationship with my birth mother and father. Both have married each other.

If a woman is having an abortion to dispose of a child that she would never have wanted in the first place, then perhaps she should not have had sex.   WHAT? Being a man I find myself almost not agreeing with that message, but it’s true. With all the multiple birth control options available, no one should have a child they do not want, or able to take care of. It seems for women it’s easier than men not to have sex, but is he that much of a smooth talker? Be a realist, especially when it pertains to your man.


“I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.”


This is a statement (Reagan) that could not be truer.  For those who are pro-choice you have that choice because you were born.  I suppose you may feel differently if you were the one being aborted? If you were aborted you would not be here defending the right to abort.  Yes it’s your body, but as a woman you have additional responsibilities, among others that men do not have.  This is my body argument is as old as women’s rights of the 1960’s.  I’m sorry you were born a woman, but at least you were born.  By the way that child is only half yours.  For a man not to have a say in whether that child lives is nothing short of criminal.  I’m sure many men, if biologically able would take their child out of you and carry it themselves.  You are entrusted with the life of a new person.   All that they will be is entrusted to you.


“We are a proud society killing our most defenseless in the name of women’s right to choose.   Sounds like a great deal for those already born!”


What about rape?  Women who are raped have been put in a position no one should ever be put in. It would be negligent on my part to decide. It’s a tragedy for the victim and the innocent child. Life is about choices. In the end there is always a victim, sometimes two.

So I must be an old Republican writing against abortion?  I grew up in the 80’s I don’t believe that is the case. The issue is personal responsibility.  As Americans a large majority of us do not want to know or care to know.  Some feel the  information that they hear and read about is true all the time, because someone with a PHD, the president, a political sign, said it was and there is nothing more to know.   Look past the politics and less at your own wants and needs.   Until this happens, politicians will continue to use you for their gain at no matter what the cost.  The true facts about abortion will stay hidden and those who present those facts will be dismissed as loons.  The messenger of facts will get slaughtered as is usually the case.  The only time a fetus becomes a citizen with rights to life is when the mother and or baby is killed or murdered.  Not so with abortion.  When we hold our politically bought right$, and political power higher than the sanctity of life, as a society we only hope we never have to answer to that that charge.   If we never have too, then life is that much more sacred.  – And yes to all shallow American women, weight gain and stretch marks is not a reason to abort a child.  The captain of the football team has already moved on!

Brit Hume says it best:


If you really want to see what abortion is view this video: If you can’t handle the video then tough!




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