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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Valerie Jarret Sees Everything You Do Online

Valerie Jarret President Obama’s brain delivered the commencement speech at Pomona College for the 2014 graduating class. One thing that stuck out was the few sentences that she spoke about internet privacy. Was it a joke or just what the administration believes. She seemed to have no hesitation in delivering the message. Make it sound like a joke and no one will question the fact that is wasn’t. “That was actually funnier than I had intended it to be”, Jarret stated after the delivery. So I guess it may not have been a joke after all.

“But also remember, before I hire anybody, I always check out everything that they’ve been doing online. And believe me, we have ways of finding out everything you’ve been doing online.”

“That was actually funnier than I had intended it to be.”


Here is cool idea. Don’t monitor my internet Google searches. Why would I even need to ask?  In America I should have the freedom of surfing legal whatever in the evening, and valuable employee contributor to society during the day.  So, if there is something beyond social media posts that you are able to retrieve during the hiring process I’d rather you honor the 4th amendment.   It’s a badly timed joke if you believe it to be a joke, since the NSA scandal is still currently growing wings.

Valerie Jarret

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