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Sunday, January 24, 2021

The Lack of Political Men of Honor

By Civilian Patriot Writer, Shawn Gillis Posted  May 19, 2014 © 2014 CivilianPatriot.com


Dr. Alonzo Spang a Native American Indian who is part of the Northern Cheyenne Indian Tribe from Montana.  His grandfather Limberhand has a first cousin who was killed at age 14 at the Battle of Little Big Horn.  His grandfather would say, “You cannot trust the white man to keep his promises. He may be speaking fine words, but there is no honor in the person who speaks them.” (1)  Over more than a century ago the American Indian has the white man figured out.  Men of no honor.  More appropriately a government with politicians with no honor.  Today over two centuries later that belief still rings true.  However, unlike the Northern Cheyenne we seem to have no problem with politicians who lack the moral aptitude to speak the truth.  Most of us simply don’t care.  Perhaps we have been conditioned to accept lies as the norm.

“You cannot trust the white man to keep his promises. He may be speaking fine words, but there is no honor in the person who speaks them.”

We elect over and over those men who have been caught in lies after campaigning on lies.  White men of little or no honor, you need to clean up your act.  Those who ignore those who lie are part of the problem.   Where is your honor?  “But I like him.  He is very congenial.”  Ted Bundy was very likeable.  The fact is at least you have proof of the deception, but still choose to ignore the facts and re-elect them.  What does that say about you?  Perhaps we need a third party.  A party of truths.  You know those truths that no politician will speak in fear that the truth of the situation will be held against him.  Kill the messenger is still very well alive in America.  The fact is most people can handle the truth. Except we choose to be courted by candidates that spin and soften the truth, in order to be more palatable for those who seem to have lost their ability to critically think or just plain think for themselves.

So when we vote superficially for looks, race, and perceived coolness over honor, then you get what we currently have in the Whitehouse – a Liar in Chief.   Liars aren’t cool, but to some they seem to be.








(1) Little Bighorn Remembered, 1999,  Viola, Herman J. pg 33

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