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Friday, December 4, 2020

Gilford NH Parent Arrested For Parenting Over 19 Minutes Book!

Gilford NH School Board Meeting

Location: Gilford NH High School.

When parents showed up at a scheduled Gilford School Board Meeting to voice their concerns about the book 19 Minutes issued to 9th graders without the parents knowledge the board had one parent arrested.  I’d like to interject the fact that to go on a field trip to the zoo requires a signed permission slip from the parent.  Here is one page from the book in question 19-Min-Page.   Many parents were upset that the required reading book had referenced to rough sex.  The school board only allowed 2 minutes per person to voice their concern about the book.   It seemed you could not question the board about the book or reference the offensive writings in the book.  It was only a one way conversation per the school board.  Say what you feel and then sit down.  When William Baer, an attorney began to ask additional questions it seemed that the board had enough of his questioning and well deserved criticisms.  The police at the meeting seemed to be in agreement with the school board that Mr. Baer was voicing valid arguments that the board did not want to address nor answer.  If the board actually gave Mr. Baer and all the other participants at the meeting the respect of answering their questions, then probably none of this would have transpired as it did.  The school board Chair Sue Allen almost seemed put off by an engaged parent asking so many poignant questions.  I would truly question her ability to continue representing the Gilford School Board in the next election.  As you see in the video Mr. Baer was removed by what I can only describe as Officer Puppet for the Gilford School Board, when he should have been the voice of law and reason.  Lt. James Leach arrested Mr. Baer for disorderly conduct or as we see it PARENTING.


“We are in a heap of trouble if the people at that meeting represent a cross section of parents in the United States.”


We’re not afforded the luxury of taking back what we say to police, so  Lt. James AKA” Puppet” Leach, and Sue AKA “Does anyone else have a question while we arrest one of you” Allen, of the School Board of Gilford also does not get the same luxury from us.


 Cowards All Around?

Another observation was how many people who all of came to the meeting about the book ran to Mr. Baer’s defense when he was being arrested.  Let’s count how many….ZERO.

We believe Lt. James Leach, [the temporary acting chief] of the Gilford Police Department shows signs of being a coward under pressure to fix a perceived problem.  He arrested a citizen for an easy to put forth charge of disorderly conduct.  Chief if you want to act like the man in the room then just remove him (Baer) from the environment.  Why arrest?  Because you can?  So the conversation about the conversation ends when law enforcement shows up.  The next bunch of cowards were those at the meeting that that just sat there and said nothing?  What are you afraid of Lt James Leach?  Seriously? He should never have been there in the first place.  I saw nothing but a bunch of weak sheep not even looking up.   The entire school board headed by Ms. Allen allowed it to happen and they should all be ashamed for standing for it.  Maybe it was what they all wanted?

We are in a heap of trouble if the people at that meeting represent a cross section of parents in the United States.  As mentioned earlier Mr. Baer is an Attorney and I would suspect that he knows the law and the true definition of disorderly conduct.  Back in the day you would of had to spilled the police chief’s beer as he stood behind the bar for a disorderly conduct charge to be issued.  Today all it takes is to hurt someone’s feelings.  It’s quite sad if you ask me.

The Mission Statement… FAILED

Let’s see if the school board is living up to their Mission Statement.  I wonder…

The Gilford School District’s Expectation as listed under their Profile and Mission is as follows:


The Gilford School District will:
◾Provide a disciplined, respectful, and safe environment that promotes learning.  We agree.
◾Provide students with a dynamic curriculum that prepares them for careers and further education.   Not to mention when having sex one must protect their ass from burns and carpet from semen stains (See Book).
◾ Ensure that all students can learn and will meet yearly curriculum competencies.  OK
◾ Recognize and adapt curriculum to meet individual student learning styles.  Good
◾ Actively engage families in the educational process.  This one they have completely failed at.  It used to be schools were complaining that parents were not involved enough in the educational process, but now by being involved and passionate about your child’s education you face arrest. 
◾ Promote personal responsibility, accountability and wellness as an integral part of the educational process.  As long as the parent’s personal responsibility ends at questioning the school board too vigorously or at all.
◾ Develop strong business and community partnerships to support a broad range of opportunities and positive influences for students.  Sure
◾ Establish a plan for students to participate in community service projects to develop character and citizenship.  Character such as a student learning that tolerating and valuing other opinions and the 1st Amendment is a respectable way to live.
◾ Promote open communications that promote accountability.  You can’t be serious!?  Promote open communications.  Sure as long as what you have to say doesn’t take longer than 2 minutes.  Congress has house hearing on a variety of issues and we all know how well time limits work in Washington.  One more question…Sorry time is up.  If you are on the school board here is a bit of advice.  Hear all the parents out and if you don’t like that step down from the board and let someone else who values what parents have to say step up.
◾ Expect employees to excel in their roles and will support their efforts for continuous improvement.  Unless that improvement actually requires a school board member
◾ Examine the use of all resources to maximize impact and effectiveness.  Good point!  When the parents begin to doubt anything the school does incorporating law enforcement will force them to comply and teach them to march in lock step.
◾ Provide the integration of appropriate technology essential to the education process.  Such as incorporating police officers into the mix to silence and arrest parents who have legitimate concerns at meetings.

School Board for 2014



In Closing…

In closing we hope the charges get dropped and that both alleged authoritative figures get the training they surely need.  Perhaps state assigned counseling is in order.  Why make a big deal about this?  Well unless we make a big deal about this those who believe they can do what they please AKA Government, will continue to harass and abuse parents who want nothing but the best for their kids in the public school system.

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