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Friday, December 4, 2020

Check Your Receipt with Walmart Greeter…Or Else


By Civilian Patriot Writer, Shawn Gillis Posted  May 14, 2014 © 2014 CivilianPatriot.com


So, ever shop at Walmart and after waiting in the checkout line they want you to wait in another line to have your receipt checked?  Sure you have.  Today it stops.

You are under no contractual obligation, unlike club stores, to stop at the exits of a Walmart to have the items you bought matched up to your receipt.   It may be what they want you to do, but unless they have nude pictures of you it should not happen anymore.  Some would say don’t be an ass and spend the 5 seconds that it takes for them to visually scan your stuff.  “Being an ass” would be that you actually demanded that the greeter scan, and match all your purchases with the receipt.  They don’t really check everything anyway.  Some may think it’s an insult to ones intelligence to just go through the motion and not actually do a check of all items.  I may not have an issue, for items that are not in a bag (so get it in a bag).  Check that and nothing else.   I can see people intentionally walking right out of the store with something they did not buy, but were able to get into their carriage prior to exiting the store.  Even then, I should still have the choice to say no, if I don’t feel like waiting in a second line just to exit the store.  Do people need to be subservient to a department store?  K-Mart or target doesn’t expect it.  What if on the way out Walmart put up metal detectors for no apparent reason, would you want to walk through them?  How about entering the store?  Would you feel there was a bigger reason not currently apparent to you?

If you are one of those who call people asses for not wanting to show your receipt on the way out, then you have no real valid argument, and are either willing to march lock step with all Walmart’s commands, or believe all the cameras in the store are broken and security is incompetent.  You see it as being an ass.  Others would see it as an invasion to privacy no matter how large or small.  I have no problem with flashing a receipt as long as I don’t have to stop and have someone pretend to check my receipt and match it to everything I bought.  I’m not an ASS, I am a Realist.

“If they actually checked the all bags I would feel like they were trying to make a difference, but they don’t.”

Why say no?  It’s good to tell people no.  We don’t say it enough, and sometime it ends up haunting us in the end when we always say yes.  If you can’t learn to say no to a Walmart greeter, if deep down you really don’t want to show your receipt, then who, if anyone, could you ever say no to?  The police or the bully line cutter?  Please, you’d coward down like a circus animal to his master.  Consider it as a beginners training course in the use and execution of the word no.  No means no.  It’s a choice and make it yours!

If they actually checked the all bags I would feel like they were trying to make a difference, but they don’t.  So, don’t waste my time even for a second, if you’re not actually checking everything.  Shall we all go through a useless motion like trained circus animals, just to please corporate?  I don’t work for Walmart no that answer is no.  With all the security cameras and secret undercover measures Walmart has in the store, they still want to stop you to fake check all your stuff.  Imaging what would happen if they did check everything.  Total chaos.

It’s a put off for some.  For me it’s a choice, like every other choice we are free to make.  If they wish to bar me from the store after all the money I have spent, then so be it, I will go to another store that does not ask for a receipt.  Does your life revolve around a Walmart or any other department store?  No.  The greeter asks for a receipt because it’s their job and in their job description.  You can’t give them a hard time for that, so just say no thank you, and keep waking out the door.  However, how you feel about yourself, your ego and self-respect starts and ends with you.  Those that do not understand can get in line for the body scan and wait for the alarm to sound.  Others believe once the exchange of cash is complete you should not have to dodge obstacles on their way out.  It’s legally your stuff!  I understand keeping costs and thefts to a minimum, but if Walmart thinks at trip to their store is as exciting as a trip to the Magic Kingdom they need to rethink the adventure or lack of.  Get out of my way, I have a life to live and it’s my 10 seconds, not Walmart’s!

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