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Friday, December 4, 2020

Are Obama’s Children More Important Than Yours? Solved?

Who: President Obama’s Children and Yours

What: Are their lives more important than your children’s

When: Jan 2013

Where: United States

Why: The president not ordering armed guards in all schools.  It’s the law that the president’s family (children) have secret service security, but no law exists for us.  His children have armed security at school.  Less than 1% of our public schools have armed security officers or police.


This is one issue that even a conservative like me can get infuriated over until you realize one thing…. Obama, his wife and children’s life are no more important than the life of you and your family.  The only reason armed guards are at the school that his children go to is for national security.  That is the only reason.  Since the life of his kids are no more important than your kids, what is important is not having his kids kidnapped by terrorist, which would allow the kidnappers to have such a huge advantage against the White House.  For a president to have to choose between the security of you and me and every US outpost in the world is not a position you want your president to be in.  Now does it make Obama’s kids more important?  No.  What is important is that The United States should never get in a position to have to compromise our national security with the presidents family. It makes bad politics and in the end we will all lose!  If we as a society want plain clothes guards at all schools this is something we all should demand.  After all it only takes 4 hand guns loaded with 8 rounds in each to pull off a mass shooting and no one is talking about hand guns.

So can this be put to rest?  I think so.

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